Look out for KING SARI’s imminent debut!

At Homicidols, we try not to post about a unit before they release anything. After all, how many groups have looked extremely promising and yet disbanded with nary even a CD-R in sight? But this upcoming group has so much backing we had to mention it.

Created as the official rival group to Anthurium, King Sari, despite what its name suggests has nothing to do with ex-Necronomidol members nor a very talented soloist currently active. However, while they had their member preview which did include a (now former) Anthurium member, our excitement lies especially in the presence of this young lady:


Your eyes are not deceiving you, this is Neu, whose claim to fame is being a founding member of Jyujyu! As such, our hype for this group could not be higher. Chances are that, like their rival, their eventual releases will also be available for streaming.

Are you as hyped as we are with this upcoming group? Let us know your impressions in the comments. Have a lovely upcoming week!

One thought on “Look out for KING SARI’s imminent debut!

  1. Hello 🙂 Thanks for this update. I agree that sometimes promising idol units disband before we get a chance to get to know them. I really had high hopes for Pediophobia – especially with Togoren/Coai being a member as she was one of my fav idols from Zenbukiminoseida. Their early releases were really strong and i was looking forward to actually being ableto follow a group from the very beginning, but then they disbanded 🙁

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