Do Yourself a Favor and Watch This Haruno Megumi Clip

So after leaving Mugen Regina back in the spring, it was a little bit of a surprise to see that Haruno-san was actually staying musically active; I had figured that her gravure career was going to eat up most of her time. And good! The woman can sing and has a great stage presence; if her musical career can continue, even in a limited sense, that’s good for everybody.

This is not about her music, though. This is some total-idol shit.

Oh yes!

The show is called Justy Wind, and Megumi’s one of the Kamen Rider / Power Ranger / whatever characters. I cannot in any way figure out what’s going on in this trailer and can only imagine that the show is basically about people beating the Christmas out of each other. I’m sure it’s great!

Why would you let them have swords? Are you daft?

3 thoughts on “Do Yourself a Favor and Watch This Haruno Megumi Clip

  1. As someone who does this sort of thing pretty regularly, I rate the blonde girl’s fighting and the one in purple has an impressively high kick. As for the others… Well, maybe the actual series’ll look a bit better, once they’ve had some practice.

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