Let’s Talk about the XTEEN MV

So after XTEEN finally got some material out there for the world, they followed up with the release of their debut single and, naturally, an MV to accompany it. This is all about as surprising as rain falling in Seattle. You may have noticed that I’ve been a little distracted lately, so rather than make a big thing of it, I’ll just lean on John’s heavy lifting.

Well, we pretty much knew that XTEEN was going to drop an MV and a CD on us today. You remember XTEEN right? They seemed very interesting to me at least. How about a look at this MV first.

via XTEEN – Eclipse (MV) — Straight From Japan

I expressed skepticism about XTEEN’s ability to make this whole gothic-horror-metal thing work, given that no other idol project ever has to an appreciable degree — they either don’t last, or they get stuck deep in the underground — and I’m still holding my breath on their behalf, but let me also say that this is a solid tune. Let me also say that Ichica in particular sounds pretty good; that’s the kind of thing that could be the difference maker for a group of this ilk.

And let me also additionally say that I want the location of this MV set, that I may pay it homage. Unless my eyes deceive me, something like 25 percent of all chika idol has shot there, probably on the smallest budget possible. I must see it in person.