Finally, XTEEN

I started to follow XTEEN (Twitter) a while back at John’s suggestion, and have furtively been keeping half-assed tabs on them since. Debutantes usually aren’t worth the trouble (there are multitudes), but something about a Misfits-loving horrorcore project just spoke to the Maniac in me. It took a little while, but they dropped the trailer for their debut single the other day:

Thanks for the reminder, PIH

Things? Looking dark, just how they wanted!

Of note: That involves guitar work (just playing? writing? I don’t know!) by the guitarist from Mary’s Blood, which is one of the four or five Japanese metal bands that people pretend to really be into for a few minutes after they get Babymetaled, only to eventually wind up getting covered in milk and ketchup by Hanako-san within two years’ time.

I digress! XTEEN obviously has their theme. I love that the members are called “angels.” And they’re working on their first MV:

I’d have preferred it for the Motorhead cover, but I’m sure that the title track is fine, too

Welcome to the world, XTEEN. Ohayo and all that.