Adventures in Pour Lui’s Youtube Dungeon #3

Previously on Pour Lui’s Youtube Dungeon:
While trying to kidnap Jake Paul, Pour Lui and co. are lured into Tentenko’s Ototoy dungeon! Including Tentenko herself! Will they ever escape? I sure hope so, because Megumi is supposed to be going to the UK soon.

Episode 14: Cards Against Puumanity

It’s been three days since Pour Lui, Tentenko and Megumi got trapped in the Ototoy dungeon. All of a sudden, the door burst open! It’s Nozomi!

“I forgot my coat”
“Non, it’s been three days since you locked us in here, and only now are you coming back for your coat?”

Another familiar face storms through the door; First Summer Uika.
“Yo Puu, Non-tan said you’d be here. Listen, do you have any of that orange-flavoured arsenic left, or did those two loser men drink it all?”

Tentenko leaps up, and punches Nozomi right in the nose! The shock prompts Nozomi to drop the only key, which Tenko swiftly grabs and runs away, locking the other four inside! Again!

After a brief stunned silence, Nozomi eventually chimes, “So, question. Does anybody even bother, you know, just trying to escape? Or are you all seriously so lazy that you’d rather just sit here and slowly starve to death than actually try to make the effort of running when this shit happens?”
Pour Lui ponders Nozomi’s question for a moment, eyes glazed over in deep thought. After a few seconds of quiet, she calmly states “let’s play a card game”. The other three groan in exasperation.

Episode 15: Panda Who?

The captives finally get tired of Pour Lui’s antics and decide to banish her from the group. Of course, they’re still all trapped in one tiny room, so the best they can do without just straight-up killing her is to simply refuse to speak or even acknowledge her existence. A simple tactic, but enough to drive Puu’s attention-seeking ways over the edge. Delusional from loneliness, Pour Lui imagines a new captive, one only she can see or hear; Panda-chan. And together, they did the inevitable for any Youtuber; a Let’s Play. But, foolishly, there’s no Minecraft or Fortnite or whatever the kids play for views these days. Well, I guess there probably isn’t a good Internet connection down in Tenko’s dungeon. It’s why she’s so reliant on VHS tapes.

Episode 16: Face/Off

It’s been over a week since Pour Lui and co. first got trapped in Tentenko’s Ototoy Dungeon. Tentenko sits in her room watching the girls’ slow descent into insanity on her hidden camera; Pour Lui is now having an “argument”, seemingly with thin air, because it looked at her funny, Nozomi has spent several days straight attempting to dig a tunnel in the solid wood ground using just her fingernails, Uika and Megumi are discussing killing and eating Pour Lui for sustenance.

Tentenko sighs. “The audio from this will make great samples for my next CD-R, but I’m starting to pity them.” She sits and ponders as Pour Lui is now flailing around punching and grabbing at the air screaming “DIE, PANDA-CHAN!” while Uika and Megumi mutually agree to just slay her right now before she causes damage to any real person in the room.

“Fine” Tentenko mutters to herself as she grabs the keys and heads to the dungeon.

“Okay, I’ll let you all go, but first let’s do a group activity so we remember what its like to actually socialize like normal humans”

Megumi turns around, still holding the iron she was about to bash Puu over the head with. “What do you suggest?”

“I know!” exclaims Uika, as she opens up her coat to reveal dozens of bursting inner-pockets like some kind of drug dealer. “I have makeup.”

Episode 17: The 7th Ranger

Despite the door being wide-open, the girls have yet to escape the Ototoy dungeon because Nozomi wanted to dye her hair first. Sure, the other girls could just leave without her, but they’ve all been stuck down there for so long that they came to the conclusion that they kind of need each other to navigate each other back to their houses. “Well, might as well clean up around here,” Tentenko says, walking to the broom closet. “Wait, what’s that sound? Puu, STFU, I can think I can hear something from the broom closet”

Uika covered Pour Lui’s mouth with her hands and the other girls quietly concentrated. Indeed, there was a muffled, high-pitched whimpering sound coming from the closet; an animal? “Kosho-tan, pass me the iron, I bet its those damned rats again,” Tentenko said firmly, and she slowly opened the closet door, the squeaks and whimpers getting progressively louder. Tentenkos eyes widened, jaw dropping upon seeing the spectacle lurking between the mops.

“Saki, what the hell are you doing in my broom closet!?”

“M-mo-momo …” choked the former Big Butch of BiS between sobs as she gently stroked the photo of herself and Momoland at McDonalds.

“Oh, sure,” snarked Pour Lui, crossing her arms. “You avoid us all this time, and now your girlfriend’s dumped you you’ve come crawling back to us. Pathetic.”

“Come on, Puu, you must know how hard it is to go through a breakup,” said Uika, handing Saki a pack of tissues.

“Not really. When Megumi dumped me I locked her in my dungeon.” Pour shrugged.

“Yeah, about that,” Megumi said sheepishly. “Can I have about a week’s worth of dungeon leave next month? I’m going to England.

“What the hell, I didn’t allow this!”

“Come on, Puu, I’ll bring you back a can of Vimto!”

“We can discuss this after I’ve filmed this YouTube video”

Will Saki be able to get over Momoland? Will Megumi be able to go to Britain or will Maison Book Girl have to drink Vimto without her? When are they going to just leave the Ototoy Dungeon and go home? Find out next time? Eh.