Stop Everything Else Today and Pay Attention to Oyasumi Hologram

This should’ve been published yesterday, but I had precisely 18 minutes to both finish the Weekender and let everybody know about that whole business with Candye Syrup, so feh, that was all I was going to get to do. But!

You may have noticed that idol fan stuff slows down over the weekend. This is a natural consequence of people having more important things to do than to screw around at work, or to unwind before facing their ungrateful spawn, etc. Idol, however, doesn’t really care about the rhythms of life and will drop massive, epochal stuff when and how The Idol Gods deign, regardless of how random that may appear to your worthless mortal mind.

To whit, Oyasumi Hologram and a long-form MV that I pretty much don’t have adjectives for:

One of idol’s least-predictable-but-always-most-prolific units is doing it again, now on the cusp of releasing their fourth album:

I want to make one thing perfectly clear: If you say that you like music, you have neither reason nor excuse to dislike Oyasumi Hologram in any particular way. Do they rock? When necessary. Do they do ethereal dream pop? On demand. Do they do teary indie rock? Of course. Do they do screeching industrialized blackwave stage performances? As the mood strikes. Oh, and are they idol? They certainly are.

Friends, take it from Maniac, and simultaneously take advantage of the fact that it’s Sunday — go to the OYSM YouTube channel and immerse yourself today. Or tomorrow. Download an album and listen to it in the car tomorrow or whatever. Just do yourself the favor of trying to get into one of the rare perfect idol groups before they’re gone, or the world does in fact end.

3 thoughts on “Stop Everything Else Today and Pay Attention to Oyasumi Hologram

  1. Even though I like OyaHolo, I can not really appreciate their change in music styles. I would be able to if done by seperate groups, but not when it is done by just one.
    Sorry, but I am not that awesome.

  2. useless fact, but the part with the dude walking around after the music ends is filmed in Koenji. couln’t help but notice that.

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