Do You Want More Accessible Idol Merch?

Hello friends! You like idols, right? And you like idol merch, too, probably? But you don’t like how much of an expensive pain in the junk it is to acquire idol merch from Japan, do you?

I mean, some of you might be weird enough to get some kind of weird sex high from adding fee on top of time to your merch orders, but I think the vast majority of folks would prefer to:

  • Have an easier way to get idol merch
  • Have a(n arguably) cheaper way to get idol merch
  • Have a faster way to get idol merch

Fortunately, the anguished cries of gaijin wota have been heard by the fine people at Chaotic Harmony, who have been doing this kind of thing for a while with visual kei acts. They’re interested in meeting some of that Western market demand for loud, good, cool idols, too, but they need to hear from you all about what your interests and needs and whatnot are. Fortunately, they put together a survey!

It’s a U.S.-based company, so Americans (and our future overlords in Canada) are ultimately the biggest winners here, but they ship do ship internationally.

If you have questions, go ask them on Facebook or Twitter, or use their contact form (also, while on said Facebook and/or Twitter, give ’em a follow). I am providing this info as a friend, so asking questions of ol’ Maniac will get you nowhere!

One thought on “Do You Want More Accessible Idol Merch?

  1. now the big question is, will the international shipping rates be american prices? cause ahipping from anywhere on this planet (yes that includes japan) is cheaper than it is from the US.

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