Your Homicidols Weekender #76

Good morning, goofballs! I hope you all had a good week. Idol was fairly lame, so you may have needed to find your own amusement. Nonetheless! Here we are.

Tons of stuff about idols performing outside of Japan abounds, is the thing. Some of it’s here, some of it’s coming in a few, and some of it is yet to be announced. So sit back and appreciate that idols are possibly coming to your country! And then play the Fun and … yeah, again, enjoy the dang weather.

You’re in a Rush, Aren’t You?


French idols covering BiSH? French idols covering BiSH:

Wanna see the trailer for REGiNA KiSS’s DVD?

Rain went to see PassCode’s tour and wrote an excellent report:

This is the PiGU outcome:

Oh, and the DVD trailer:

I thought that DAIDAIDAI would have a strong year; this one-man will probably settle it:

Also, what the heck:

Good sense says to not give BiS column inches for this, and the ongoing membership drama is making my head hurt, so let me keep it simple and say that I don’t know how to feel about Watanabe stealing my idea:

You know Yunomi? How about HAPPY KURU KURU?

Minna no Kodomo-chan with a very important message re: their upcoming album:

The hell is this AIBECK thing?

Did you want to hear Terry’s vocal cover of Babymetal?

This may be a re-post, and I don’t care, because you all need to get on the Babyraids JAPAN wagon:

Just go ahead and try to convince me that you aren’t stoked about the new You’ll Melt More! EP:

I don’t have it in me to try to work up the latest from Diamondollfy to be more than it is:

I think THE BANANA MONKEYS are really on to something:

Meet the newest members of EMPiRE:

Speaking of the occasional photobook that I’d actually be interested in getting:

Nobody underwhelms quite like Babymetal:

We don’t ever hear enough from HAMIDASYSTEM:

Q’ulle’s YUZUKI has a band; this is their debut live:

What the hell is Pikarin doing here?

Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #76

      • All we get from them are amazing trailers for amazing concerts they performed only months ago?

        Are we supposed to pretend like they are not doing anything(like starting a tour in a week…) just because they take longer than 10 months between album releases?

        I thought you were better than the average wota dipshit…

        • High praise indeed!

          It’s not about it being a quick turnaround, man, it’s about *anything* new happening. I might be a tiny bit wrong in the specifics, but at no prior point in their history has Babymetal gone so long without a new release of some kind. There isn’t even anything announced! Fans would eat up a new whatever, and we fans are such easy marks that we’ll take live performances of the same material over and over again.

  1. Why is no-one going mad for the wonderful and frightening videos of Reon? Or is it just me who finds her unsettling NATS-on-norovirus style of chaos appealing?

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