The Most Terrifying Idol to Ever Live Did Not Stay Dead for Long

In which Kerrie takes advantage of Maniac’s longstanding blood fear of the Idol Most Likely to Be Bit By Dogs and Then Bite Back

Don’t worry, I can fix this!

Just two months after saying goodbye to MIGMA SHELTER (and AqbiRec as a whole) to pursue a voice acting career, the artist formerly known as Kanra is already striding her way back into the idol business with a solo live on June 6. Unlike her previous roles, Yoneko is doing this completely alone, self-produced and crowdfunded.

Think about it. Solo Yoneko. Nobody was ready for this.

Okay, maybe the people who contributed to her crowdfunding campaign were ready for this. Which, by the way, has already eclipsed her original goal of 300,000yen, so congratulations!

Prepare your butts for June!