The Friday Fun: As Accurate as Nostradamus

It’s been a few weeks between writing that previous Friday Fun and this one being published. Did we finally get some interesting news out of Babymetal for once, or have we just gotten more #MundaneBabymetalAnnouncements?

I originally had a much, much worse Friday Fun idea queued up, but then a fresh pile of Twitter discourse entrapped us all, and Maniac demoted me to his ghostwriter this week, so now that idea is lying in a trash can for when I inevitably run out of actual funny(ish) suggestions.

So, let’s talk about K-Pop.


Okay, I’m sorry!

Now, we at Homicidols are primarily a J-Pop site. But arguments with angry K-Pop fans has been a mainstay of J-Pop fandom for a very long time. And understandably so! The two genres have many more similarities than just sharing a continent. Heck, K-Pop even has its own idols, with similar styles, merchandise, recently acts such as Twice have found an immense amount of success in Japan. It’s not uncommon to see J-Pop fans branch out into K-Pop on occasion (even I used to be a bit of a SONE back in the day!) which unfortunately can bring some bitterness from people who are firmly one side or the other. And recent announcements such as Honey Popcorn and Produce48 have only made the internet even more of a warzone. Thanks AkiP!

The final straw for a lot of people seemed to be the soon to be legendary “Lightstick Drama” stemming from certain K-Pop fans’ disdain for AkiP’s Filipino base MNL48’s merchandise, and wota’s subsequent astonishment that something that has been a wota mainstay for decades should be something that “belonged” to the K-Pop fandom. Anger and memes abound!

Well, it’s not like we have enough people hate us already (Hi, 4Chan, how’s it going?) let’s intensify it!

Come up with some more drama we can milk from in the near future! Use the hashtag #FutureKPopJPopWar for your ideas and pray for us and other wota because its going to be a rough weekend.