I Fix Things: The House Needs Me this Weekend

It has been fun as hell this week, gang, with all kinds of new music all over the place. But my in-laws are visiting and I have to fix and clean a whole bunch of things, so please do take this and enjoy what’s there. Tell a friend or two, “Hey, I really like this stuff going on at Homicidols.com, and I think you would, too.”

Remember Monday?

It was ages ago! But the week started with a bang; while Yukuetsurezure was teasing us with little here-and-there releases of new tracks, POP went ahead and dropped the contents of their EP onto Soundcloud, and it was good:

The rest

Tuesday was the day of the big Necronomidol review. (BTW, do you want your commute to take on an even greater existential crisis? Play NEMESIS when you’re stuck behind that asshole who’ll never pull forward at the light and GAH CAN I JUST GET ONTO THE SURFACE ROADS!?) Fittingly, it was also the day that Lyric Holic stopped messing around and gave us this:

“What happened to the video budget?” “We spent it all on leather.” “Oh.”

Wednesday was quieter, if to you “quieter” actually means “driven to violence by saccharine yami-kawaii idolcore.” Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, a sentimental favorite of the site, doesn’t like to release things to the masses, but a fan helped out anyway, and now we got these:

I think we’re all mature(ha) enough to not make attenuated dad jokes about “something baby something metal, is that kind of a big deal?” so I won’t, but damn, remember that hubbub on Thursday? Babymetal put out their first new track of any kind in well over a year and first single since 2014, “KARATE,” and the world basically exploded for a while. Get on the Babymetal hype train now if you haven’t already, because shit’s gonna get wild.

I swear, the day that the MV for “KARATE” happens might be the end of the Internet.

What a week. And it wasn’t even done yet! PassCode smartly waited a day to get their video for “AXIS” out there after the “KARATE” hubbub, and it was a good move because this thing’s making some big promises about the upcoming VIRTUAL.

And, of course, though the video came a day earlier, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the mini-vid and song snip from Melancholy of the Black Cat, which actually had a companion piece because it was all about promoting the single release.

And you know what’s crazy? I’m not even sure that it was the best week of the year just so far. There’s a lot to look forward to in the next six weeks alone. Stick around!

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