How It Works is about building community and promoting artists.

And with that out of the way, here’s how we can accomplish those things:

  1. Comment on posts! For one thing, it encourages other people to do it, too. And it can keep me, as the owner and whatnot, accurate and sharp and in better service to everybody.
  2. Comment on profiles! Particularly when I’m wrong about something. I’m still doing a ton of learning about a lot of these groups, and having people who really know what’s what chiming in and correcting errors means a stronger hub for everybody.
  3. Share things. Don’t just like the post; share it on Facebook and Twitter and stuff. There’s a handy widget after every piece that makes it easy! The goal is to bring people to the music and bring the music to people. Yeah, you may have exhausted things among your friends, but social networks give us all a much bigger reach than just the people we know. Literally, the more, the merrier.
  4. Like Homicidols on Facebook, and follow Homicidols on Twitter. Use the respective little extra-follow buttons on each network to make sure that you get notified when new stuff is posted. This is important because part of what I’ll be doing is pinging the idols and their staffs directly. If they see that people are digging what they do, they’ll be more likely to make an effort in our direction.
    1. Also, use the #homicidols hashtag when and where appropriate. Yes, in the end, that points to these accounts; it’s also the closest thing that we have to a unified brand right now, and, again, we should want the idols to see that we’re out here.
    2. Also, yes, there are currently accounts with Tumblr and G+. I’m not there yet, but soon.
  5. Like and subscribe to the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist. It’s great listening for work or cleaning the house or whatever, and, because it’ll be updated pretty often, you’ll get to hear things that you might otherwise have never heard.
  6. Make recommendations. You can write at any time with thoughts that are bigger or less immediately on-topic than what the site is for. And because I want this to be a hub, not just Maniac‘s personal dumping ground, there’s a good chance that I’ll ask you to provide some content or even guest post.
  7. Otherwise, just follow the rules, and we’ll be all good.

Got it? Great. Here’s a cool lesser-known BiS song.

Noni cracks me up.