Guso Drop

Yes, they’re hardcore. Deal with it.

When I first started to really pay attention to who was doing what in the alt-idol scene, I kept overlooking Guso Drop. The sad thing is that I can’t remember why — this track right here, “Hirari Hirahira”, is absolutely legit.

Dare you to not get that guitar stuck in your head.

Guso Drop is totally straightforward in their presentation: They’re idols doing hardcore. The choruses fit within the normal bounds of idol pop, but would you listen to that song and try to make a cogent argument that it isn’t hardcore? You would not, because you are reading this website and clearly have good taste. You probably think that Rei’s very good growl is very good, and that Saki is a perfectly good screamer, and you are correct.

This is unfortunately a group with a pretty limited discography so far (they’re just over a year old, ffs), so “best track” options are pretty limited to the above. I’m looking forward to a full album.

Nonetheless, Guso Drop has one of those don’t-miss-this presences on stage and in the scene, and, presuming that they keep it together, they look to make some pretty big noise down the road.

What they sound like

Most of Guso Drop’s sound is hardcore or hardcore-based, but they also roll out some more traditional punk rock and, of course, throw in their share of synths. So, basically, they sound like hardcore and/or punk with a little bit of a pop feel, with vocals (including harsh!) by idols.

You’ll like them if

For such a straightforward group, I honestly can’t think of very many analogs for what Guso Drop is doing. If you liked BiS / like BiSH or have a pretty general positive feeling for crunchier riffs and the strategic employ of harsh vocals, you’ll probably dig on Guso Drop.

Entries on the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist:

“Hirari Hirahira” and:

This is like the most Guso Drop song that Guso Drop ever Guso Dropped.


Rei (leader, I think)
Rei, the leader of Guso Drop. Her color is black. Her middle finger is up.
Saki (center, I think)
Saki from Guso Drop. Her color is red. Her middle finger is up.
Anna from Guso Drop. Her color is blue. Her middle finger is up.
Yura from Guso Drop. Her color is yellow. Her middle finger is up.

Former Members

Sion from Guso Drop. Her color is purple. Her middle finger is up.

18 thoughts on “Guso Drop

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  5. I would like to simply add that i believe Rei’s [Boss] leadership role comes from her boy looks & aggressive attitude also her love of punk/hardcore music matters alot.

    Saki-chan center role resides in the fact that she already been doing her single act (2&), a long time before Daichi created Guso Drop, making her (in my opinion) more experienced and the most talented in singing, dancing & accrobatic moves.

    Some members learned music instruments, Saki-chan plays guitar and Shion plays drum.

    I like this web page ^^
    For those who wouldn’t know >> More Guso Drop on this FB group of fans >>>>

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  8. Call me crazy…but recently I’ve noticed a trend with color-oriented groups: The Center color is red! It’s like this in GuDro (Saki), アリス十番(Anna Tachibana), and 山口活性学園(Yuly I’m pretty sure)! Anyone have any other bands that have this same trend?

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