Oscar Snubs Are Dumb; Start Monday with a Bang

I almost forgot about the Oscars. I lived and worked in and around Hollywood for four years, but I’m mostly removed from that now and the Academy Awards themselves just weren’t ever that big a draw. So of course I spent most of the morning going “oh, right, Chris Rock and stuff. Stacey Dash what?”

The idolverse started off last week quietly, too, only to build and build and build, so there’s hope yet for this Monday morning, but I’ll tell you that, other than Lolisyn’s finale or prepping for Adopt-an-Idol, this is the most exciting thing going:

If you haven’t crossed paths with Malcolm Mask McLaren yet, there’s good reason; they’re still only a few months old (and of course they’ve already lost a member). But they’re on my I-hope-it-works-out short list because they’re just so fun. Like, I sincerely want them to crank out more stuff and continue to be cool and inexplicable.

They wear surgical masks at all times. They dress like they’re going to hang out at the skate park. They call their music “melodic hardcore.” They’re at least an in-name tribute to the guy who brought us the Sex Pistols. They’re Malcolm Mask McLaren.

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