I Find Things: Kiminosei’s ‘IDENTERROR’ UPDATE: and Also ‘Wazurei Hallelujah’

While looking for something completely different this morning, YouTube recommendations led me down a little rabbit hole to this manic little ditty from what-are-you-even-doing-Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da?

Quick, everybody go subscribe to this person’s YouTube channel and blow their mind!

I had previously given Kiminosei crap about not releasing an MV or anything with IMRAD when it came out, and lately it would almost seem as if they’re being lapped by their own sister group, but at least being able to stumble over their music is better than nothing.

This song is BONKERS.

UPDATE: The original uploader is such a nice person that now there’s another Kiminosei track to listen to.

Nobody seems to agree with me that this borrows from Bad Religion.