Like the most fun possible combination of EDM and pop punk, plus screams. Or is dance club deathcore more your thing?

It took me a few tries to go from appreciating PassCode to genuinely liking PassCode. I’m glad I was patient.

One of the most genuinely cool things about the broader development of idolcore is its raw diversity — not everybody succeeds, necessarily, but chances are taken and sounds are developed and sometimes standing out is as simple as doing a simple formula better than anybody else.

Of course, the notion that PassCode’s sound is easy is kind of weird, but they hit a lot of unique notes on the way to making a song theirs, so much so that there really isn’t mistaking one of their songs.

They’re pretty good at this, is what I’m saying.

A man reacts to PassCode's weird dance

Me too, guy. Me too.

Musically, it’s a pretty clean 1:1 blend of pop punk and digital hardcore. On HTML, that doesn’t sound particularly attractive, but think of the unifying elements being the tempo and beats, with heavy synths and bouncy vocals. Also breakdowns. And chiptune. And screams and growls.

Yep. PassCode is one of the idol groups that has a screaming member (Yuna). She’s tiny and she’s terrifying.

I’ll admit that PassCode probably isn’t for everybody, but they also have a little bit of something for everybody and a nice, big catalog at this point, so take the time to explore their music a little bit and find the sweet spot that works for you.

What they sound like

The music you wish would play when your SO drags you out to the club for a night of dancing; synth-driven digital popcore with breakdowns.

You’ll like them if

“Iine” is your favorite Babymetal song, or you’ve ever wished that Perfume would do a collab with Skrillex.

Entries on the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist:

May I just say that PassCode’s current black outfits are boss as hell, but the pink hoodies were one of those perfect confluences of look and sound? I may? Thanks!


Minami Nao
Minami Nao of Japanese digital hardcore idol group PassCode
Takashima Kaede
Takashima Kaede of Japanese digital hardcore idol group PassCode
Imada Yuna
Imada Yuna of Japanese digital hardcore idol group PassCode
Ogami Hinako
Ogami Hinako of Japanese digital hardcore idol group PassCode


“Nextage” (single)
ALL is VANITY (album)
“Now I Know” (single)
“Never Sleep Again” (single)

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