Lolisyn Says Goodbye

Earlier today for those of us in the West, Goho Lolita Syndrome, Lolisyn, held their farewell show at Twin Box Akihabara:

I wasn’t aware of this, but it looks like Lyric Holic was the opening act:

I love that this is in English. Not because it’s English and I can read it, but that Tama just straight called out the international fans.

I’m going to try to put together some kind of retrospective for Lolisyn, whose music was good but whose management, frankly, seems kind of crappy. Halu is already engaged in another project; Hiro I’m not sure about. For now, we’ll always have them on Soundcloud:

The rest. It’s not my fault that they didn’t organize a playlist!

4 thoughts on “Lolisyn Says Goodbye

  1. “Tell me I’m wrong”, okay, corrections:
    There were three shows that day
    1. Their final taiban (a taiban is a show with lots of groups – so 14 groups, all the groups from the same company and other groups they are friendly with.
    2. Their last two-man -> this was the one with Lyric Holic
    3. Their last one-man. This was the graduation show, the end. It will be put up to youtube.
    That was the end. 10am–>11pm Lolisyn. The day’s schedule –>
    That was it, then the fans went drinking all night until 8am-ish to celebrate.
    Their twitter finished at 23:59 on the 29th. So did that Halu solo twitter you linked, that was her solo account from the same company – she released one solo single last year.

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