Crowdfunding for SKULLS IN THE STARS, No Translation Needed

We had seen before that Necronomidol is looking to crowdfund a video project for “Skulls in the Stars,” but a whole ton of details have just been released in English (praise Jeebus):

NECRONOMIDOL is taking part in a crowdfunding campaign to create a new short movie!

The movie will be two parts – the first will be live action and the second will be animated.

The crowdfunding campaign is up on the Domeschick! site and is international supporters are welcome!

Please be aware that some of the supporter bonuses include events (all of which will take place in and around Tokyo) and we cannot provide travel or accomodations for those events. Supporter bonuses can be shipped internationally and we recommend those for international fans!

Thanks from NECRONOMIDOL for all your support!!!

I like that idols are starting to use crowdfunding to get themselves through the expenses of starting off, making videos, touring, etc. I love that Necroma’s kind of next-leveling that; I will bet you all of the yen that I own* that they’re the first to do something quite like this.

Throw some money their way. It literally can’t hurt.**

*I have zero yen. JOKE’S ON YOU!

**If you use coins, it actually probably would.