You Have No Idea How Close We Came to Never Having PassCode

So it turns out that our friend Phillter is either extraordinarily generous, a glutton for punishment or just that big a fan of certain idols, because he went ahead and did another interview translation for us. And this one’s a doozy.

That epic idol-fest from Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen from the other day was deliciously candid at times, but (and for once I’m skipping the #clickbaited hashtag) you basically will not believe what comes out of the PassCode members’ mouths in this interview, not the least of which is just how on the precipice that whole project was and how it actually came into being (Semi-spoiler: Nobody anticipated it). Here are some particularly choice snips:

Minami: It’s gonna be a terrible conversation when fans read this, you guys…

Sorry. I mean:

Imada: Until that point, there was never the feeling that live performances were fun. I hated screaming. But we had to say that live shows were fun while we were there, didn’t we? I also hated that feeling of lying.

Oogami: Right. “But..idol is supposed to be more shining and cute…”

Imada: Truly, in the middle of performances and stuff I always worried about Hina-chan.

And my personal favorite:

Minami: Well, I want it to come into existence that there is no border between bands and idols. I want it to become such that there aren’t fans of bands or fans of idols, but just fans. I want to aim for a “PassCode” genre.

Read the whole thing. Longer-term fans (like me!) will undoubtedly be intrigued by the circumstances surrounding one Kurohara Yu-ri’s sudden departure from the group last year, plus very intriguing details about how VIRTUAL lines up with All Is Vanity.

10 thoughts on “You Have No Idea How Close We Came to Never Having PassCode

      • Thanks for the pronunciation! I’ll add it in ASAP.

        Yeah, I was also surprised to find out just HOW bad things were in the beginning. I knew PassCode had a kinda rough start but still…

        • I’m just glad it seems like they’re really enjoying it now, would definitely hurt my enjoyment of the album and watching their lives if I thought they hated what they do.

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