Inside the Homicidol Mind: PassCode’s Yuna on Being PassCode’s Yuna

There I was yesterday, minding my own business when:

And what is that you would like me to retweet, friend?

Why, I love translated interviews! Especially related to PassCode! Of course, of course. But we can do a lot better than a simple RT, can’t we?

So, Yuna. Yuna, why don’t you tell us something about your work on “MISS UNLIMITED”?

And this time the lyrics even had some actual meaning …

Wait, what?

“It’s fine even if I destroy my throat, and I’ll actually give everything I have until I destroy it” is the kind of feeling I bear right now. I want to go as far as we can until either my voice breaks or PassCode disbands.

That’s better.

But for real, what does Yuna think about being one of the harshest voices in idol? What about her family (yes, idols have those)? Her long history in idol, and how that led her to PassCode? How about the internal dynamics of one of idol’s big breakouts? Go read the whole thing to find out.

And as an aside, has anybody else noticed the recent proliferation of websites and blogs, translation and review and news and so on? I think it’s really great. The more of us do more of this, the greater the reach and the better opportunities to raise awareness of cool idol projects. If you have something going on, shout it out!

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