The Third Contest Begins

The first two contests are now CLOSED; only the below is currently open. I’ll get up a voting post for the others by evening time.

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PassCode’s Nao said that she wants a world where there aren’t idol fans and band fans, but music fans. And it is the Official Policy of to agree with that sentiment. In fact, idols and bands should work together as often as possible and make beautiful things happen. To that end:

I Want to Look Like a Babymetal Roadie Prize Pack

In honor of Babymetal’s collaboration with Rob Halford, what’s your ideal scenario of idols joining legends of metal — or punk or hardcore or really anything — on stage? Taking a page from the Homicidol Mashup, use your image editing software of choice to create the image that best tells the story of our favorite kinds of idols joining with real legends of rock for a mind-blowing combo shot. Is it a still from an epic concert stage? A promo poster? Album art? A candid or even modeled photo? Let your imagination do the walking and your skills do the talking.

Submissions now open!

Submissions open June 21-27
Voting opens June 28


Babymetal Trio Noir T-shirt from the 2016 World Tour Bad-as-fuck Babymetal Metal Resistance jacket
This trippy The One-style shirt from the 2016 World tour, size XL This boss jacket, size XL