PassCode, Live, with a Band

This is the kind of thing that Nao was talking about, idols at rock festivals. Babymetal’s done it, Fruitpochette’s done it, ayumikurikamaki’s all over it lately, the Codomomental sisters will be at it soon … there’s growing respect for idols as vocal/visual performers (vocual?) that have enough flexibility to front anything if you ask nicely. It’s awesome.

Anyway! Here’s PassCode at the Inazuma Rock Fes earlier today. With a live band! And the vocals are really great without all of the added mixing, including Yuna more noticeably doing double duty than usual.

Whatever they’re paying Hina, double it.

“It’s about time!” curmudgeoned a bunch of curmudgeons who are too impatient to wait for PassCode’s major release tour (which will be 100 percent backed by a live band).

4 thoughts on “PassCode, Live, with a Band

  1. I was hoping the guitar tone would be less wimpy live but no dice…
    The guitars are so far down in the mix it would have been kind of pointless anyway.

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