Bellring Girls Heart + You’ll Melt More! = A Delight

Bellheart has been a little on the quiet side since the release of their Beyond album and Moechi’s graduation, but collaborative shows have been their thing of late, and what better way to help usher out two beloved alt-idols than to get together for a show with their old friends in You’ll Melt More!(?)

Bell Melt More! … That’s a lot of transcendent on one stage, right there.

There’s even more off-kilter Bellheart being shared on the forums right now; if you like your alt-rock idols getting down in an intimate setting, you owe it to yourself and perhaps even to your children and your children’s children to check it out.

2 thoughts on “Bellring Girls Heart + You’ll Melt More! = A Delight

  1. Wow, first OyaHolo and now YMM.

    I love them so much. BellHeart are such a fun group, i don’t know why it take me so much time to get into them. YLMLM are awesome live, all of them seem to have fun on stage. I’m just happy about this BellHeart collabs. They’re cool.

    (BTW, i feel the like i have the obligation to tell you that I’m thathgirlswholikesidols, but now i got an username and a cute Kanra pic)

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