What the Flippin’ Heck, DISDOL?

Doop-dee-doop, strollin’ through Twitter … hello, what’s this?

Well shut the front door!

If you read through that post on their website, the basic story is: These girls are unreliable and always sick or something, and we’ve had a ton of turnover this year and I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF IT so let’s start over. At their one-man on Oct. 9, they’ll graduate the existing membership and introduce three completely new members of DISDOL, which will now be a band thing.

It’s a neat implication if you’re the type to ponder the current and future states of loudol like I do; because idol is ever flexible and (if what I’ve wondered aloud a few times holds true) the whole rock+idol thing has become a saturated part of the landscape to the point that growth just isn’t as viable as it seemed to be a couple of years ago, you take another step. Maybe you go the Tokyo Rockets route and head back toward traditional idol norms, or you go for the weird or the particularly heavy or something similar … or you see the rising popularity of band-fronting projects and opt to go that route while the gettin’s still good.

I’ll take the bullish approach in this case. It’s true, DISDOL has been stagnating over the past year (I thought the “VICTORIA” MV and EP release a little over a year ago heralded a step up that never happened); why not take a demonstrated ability to put a cool package on cool music and see where it lands? It’s not like Bell Agency is afraid to take risks.

One thought on “What the Flippin’ Heck, DISDOL?

  1. I’m not sure but I think the group management and Bell Agency is not exactly the same, the members that don’t retire all seem to stay with the agency – one girl is with a completely different agency.

    So it seems like it’s some kind of falling out between the group manager and the members so I’m not exactly sure we can take the official statement as the truth.

    But overall it seems like Bell Agency is a mess, Tokyo Illuminati seems to have the same issues as Disdol.

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