Tell Me If You Ever Expected to See a Nun Idol

So like I was saying earlier, our dude Pure Idol Heart was just spouting off performers’ videos yesterday like an auctioneer, and among the list was a name that rang a bell but was tough to place. I asked for video, I received a link … and then it fell into place.

My peoples, please say hello to Eri Kitamura* (Twitter), who I literally queued up for all the way back in April, didn’t publish because other stuff was going on … and then promptly forgot about, which shame on me:

That’s actually her newest, “arcadia paroniria”, which comes out on the 27th. Here’s the trailer for the whole thing:

Surprisingly jazzy!

This is actually what I wanted to share originally:

“Revolution” is from her first mini album, which was the whole point of the original post — and here’s a trailer for that!

She released this single in between; I am less enthusiastic about it and also somewhat lazy.

So this is neat! I actually don’t know if Kitaeri considers herself an idol, and she has something like 1,000 times the Twitter followers of many who usually grace these pages, but I gotta celebrate this one.

*Yeah, I know that I usually write Japanese names in Japanese order, but Kitaeri seems to prefer not just romaji, but Western order, so I’ll defer to that

3 thoughts on “Tell Me If You Ever Expected to See a Nun Idol

  1. There is a toilet demon/ghost idol after that every type of idol is expected, I’m sure ostrich rancher idols are just around the corner assuming they don’t already exist.

  2. She’s a pretty well-known voice actress which would explain the high number of Twitter followers – has had roles in stuff like Madoka, Toradora, Fairy Tail, Boku no Hero Academia, Angel Beats etc. 🙂

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