This Is My Kind of Savage Garden

I have this thing, see, about bands etc. that have misleading names — Massive Attack being the ones who started the little obsessive observation — and Savage Garden was always right at the top of the list. I remember the first time the voice on the radio (which was a Top 40 rock station, back when those things existed) promised a “new one from Savage Garden” and I got excited because hey, that sounds like it might be kind of awesome! If I’d known that I’d instead be getting a well less funky Australian Hall and Oates, I’d have managed those expectations better.

Regardless! This is about Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, whose Egoistic Eat Issues is now in stores, and what better way to celebrate than to get out the second video from the album:

I love the little stories that Zenkimi tells in their videos.

We know this song, it’s title confirmed as “Hitorigoto Garden” (thanks Viz). I still think it’s a very mature presentation for Zenkimi, especially when you line it up with the intense melancholy of “Mudai Gasshou”, which itself was like a big step forward for them all the way back last year and still kills in the re-issue. But I really do dig this; I had allowed myself to think that maybe syva was running out of ideas when the real core sounds of Zenkimi and Tsurezure started to blur, and maybe it didn’t happen intentionally, but there’s clear intelligence at play in how it’s been executed since then.

Now I just need for this album to hit Spotify, and I’ll be good to go!

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