Cuz I’m EEEEEEEEEEEE! Like Monday Morning

So remember that potentially-very-cool project EEEEEEEEEEEE! from a little while back? It continues to move forward, albeit with all the deliberate intensity of a bathroom remodel at Maniac Mansion*, and today released unto the world this live video for “Better off alone”:


  • It turns out that 723 is in fact Takahashi Natsumi; now explain what 723 means
  • Because this is Bell Agency, and also because her official Twitter has given over to this
  • So wouldn’t it be neat if every ex-DISDOL member got their own weird band project?
  • I’m with Terry — unless “screechy” is the harsh vocal sound they’re going for (possible, as the dude is a bird; also, the name of the band), somebody needs to get some training with a quickness

And now with a good bit of that mystery solved, I can look forward to paying sort of generally limited attention to the project from here on!

*Which is to say, slowly and without only about half of the required commitment

3 thoughts on “Cuz I’m EEEEEEEEEEEE! Like Monday Morning

  1. “now explain what 723 means”

    Ok, 723 means Natsumi
    7 = na (from nana, which means 7 (kunyomi; onyomi would be shichi) )
    2 = tsu (two spoken in Japanese fashion)
    3 = mi (kunyomi or the Japanese version as opposed to san which is onyomi and therefor copied from Chinese)

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