Time to Party: Pump Yourself up with Disdol

Ah, Dissenter Dolls, genuinely one of the more promising among the scores of metal-aligned idol groups, for some reason apparently phobic when it comes to creating real-deal music videos. However, they do like to have themselves filmed live, so here are two recent tastes (both are newish songs, too, IIRC) to get your blood properly boiling before you spend your Friday evening screwing around online and cleaning the house WRECKING SHIT ALL OVER TOWN.

Just added yesterday! Thanks for not telling me, YouTube!

“Mother” ain’t bad, but I think I really genuinely like “Flashback.” Maybe they should, you know, make a staged-and-produced video with it. Just a suggestion. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and adding it to the playlist.

Disdol’s kind of amazing to me. Like, I literally don’t understand a thing about their membership and am beginning to think that they’re aiming to be the first metal idol 48.