Hey, Who Wants to Watch Lolisyn’s Last Live?

There’s really no need to oversell it: Lolisyn, Gohou Lolita Syndrome, one of the great could-have-beens in idol, had already been rebooted once before when Pac Idol management decided to call it a day. This is the farewell performance for Hiro and Halu.

Of course, it took barely a month for Pac Idol to announce that Lolisyn may have been killed, but it was still kind of going to be back as an idol-DJ-model outfit formed from the ashes of the promising-but-ill-fated Gekidol (Gekisyn!) that seems to now be officially branded as 564 REBOOT, at least for the time being (still seeking at least one member!). That outfit, so far looking like the embodiment of society’s dregs and urban decay, will be debuting soonish.

And who said that idols are all that interesting?

Also, btw, you know who had sick merch? Lolisyn. All esoteric and disturbing. Lovely.