This Is Yajima Mai Music

Of all the happy announcements to see on a Friday, very few can get me as insta-hype on the inside as seeing that my girl Mai is releasing a new record in due time, and of course has an MV for it, and of course it’s big-time vampire-ass symphonic metal and I don’t even care if there are other distinctions to be drawn here, this is as close to the music that seduced me to the Japanese dark side in the first place as it gets, I need regular doses and they better be potent:

The EP is out on Dec. 2. It’s apparently the second in a trilogy, which suddenly contextualizes Daemon adding a particular item of Mai’s that I’d never heard of before to our Best Of tracker!* But yeah, hold on to your butts.

* Hell on Earth, which was released in the spring — I’m listening to it now to catch up!

It’s a Mother-centric Match Game Special Feature!

I’m so sorry. Fate is literally making me do this. And also honor. Honor compels me!

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Check out This DisDol PV / Teaser for … an EP?

Dissenter Dolls remain impervious to any and all pleas for a fully fledged MV, but they keep turning out new music.

This PV is all live footage that may or not be related directly to the songs in question (that are, FWIW, studio recordings if my ears aren’t deceiving me) — “Chessman,” which is entirely new to me, “Flash Back,” which is likewise, and “Mother,” which we’ve heard before:

DisDol, this is good effort, and your updated outfits are boss. You clearly have a release date for something. That is good. I’ll live with an EP, but I’d love an album, please and thanks.

Time to Party: Pump Yourself up with Disdol

Ah, Dissenter Dolls, genuinely one of the more promising among the scores of metal-aligned idol groups, for some reason apparently phobic when it comes to creating real-deal music videos. However, they do like to have themselves filmed live, so here are two recent tastes (both are newish songs, too, IIRC) to get your blood properly boiling before you spend your Friday evening screwing around online and cleaning the house WRECKING SHIT ALL OVER TOWN.

Just added yesterday! Thanks for not telling me, YouTube!

“Mother” ain’t bad, but I think I really genuinely like “Flashback.” Maybe they should, you know, make a staged-and-produced video with it. Just a suggestion. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and adding it to the playlist.

Disdol’s kind of amazing to me. Like, I literally don’t understand a thing about their membership and am beginning to think that they’re aiming to be the first metal idol 48.