An Invitation to Kurofune-chan’s Party

Fear of missing out is a big drive for idol fans, so naturally we’re here to beat you around the head with a hammer that says “FOMO” written in large, comical letters. THIS IS A ONE TIME ONLY GROUP: A collective of current and former idols from around the world, meeting for one night only. Every group has a story, but Kurofune-chan as a collective are like an entire storybook! Let’s open the pages right away then, shall we?

Say hello to Kurofune-chan!

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TIF Pan-Asian Pandemonium

Any idol fan knows that Tokyo Idol Festival is the biggest, hottest idol event of the year and not just because of Japan’s sweltering summer temperatures. TIF has always been a place for groups to shine for all of their fans, new and old. But this year, what if we took the Tokyo out of TIF? Say hello to the TIF ASIA TOUR KICK OFF!

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Your WACK Weekend is Here

A bunch of fun things happened at once, so you want the news? Here’s all of the news! We’ve got new BiS, new MAMESHiBA, new ASP and some new GO TO THE BEDS and PARADISES members for ya! It’s a very WACK Friday indeed!

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Weekend Livestream Spotlight: IDORISE!! vs. Gyuno Fest – PIGGS, BURST GIRL, MIGMA SHELTER, CROSSNOESIS and many more

I haven’t done one of these in while since updating The Calendar and streaming idol lives every weekend has basically just become the routine. This weekend, however, seems a bit special as we have two festivals going head-to-head among other A-list options. To help sort through this plethora of premium livestreams, I thought we might want to talk this one out.

To kick off the weekend, IDORISE!! Festival is going head to head with the Gyuno Pre-Spring Festival but, unless you are huge DESURABBITS fan, round one goes to IDOLRISE!! Continue reading

Hey! This GARUDA Event Sounds Fun and You Should Do It

Now I just hope it hasn’t sold out or anything yet

You guys, like all of you, are fans of idols, yes? And odds are good that you are at least aware, if not a big personal fan, of one GARUDA, aka Yuffie Sakimura, though it is quite likely that if you are aware of projects that Yuffie is associated with, including GARUDA, then you are a fan of that thing because Yuffie’s projects are good projects. Well then, in case you have not yet seen what awaits on Saturday, let’s break it down: Continue reading

Weekend Livestream Spotlight: RAY, SAKA-SAMA, Banana Monkeys and Many More at the (Free) Online YOIMACHI

I took a break from the Spotlight for the holidays but have returned to make sure you are aware of the (FREE!) Online YOIMACHI festival being broadcast across four YouTube channels this Sunday (JST). The line up is pretty mind blowing:

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Weekend Livestream Spotlight: RAY + For Tracy Hyde, MERRY BAD END Birthdays, and Knuckle Chiwa + Hanako-San

It looks like a Friends-of-Homicidols Weekend as we have not one, but two gigs featuring some of our favorite bands sharing the stage with some our favorite chika idols.

 Before we get to that though, MERRY BAD END have invited you to a joint birthday party for Yuina and Chihiro that they have entitled, “-I will do whatever I want-“. Damn straight you will. It’s your birthday! You can snag a livestream ticket here.

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Weekend Livestream Spotlight: BiS, NECRONOMIDOL, Satanic Punish and LiLii Kaona

Since even a socially distanced American Thanksgiving without family still involves stuffing oneself with turkey and pie, I’m putting this post together as I fight off a turkey coma. And even though Japan doesn’t do Thanksgiving, they seem to be treating this like a long  holiday weekend with about 20 different livestreams to choose from. Visit The Calendar for the whole roster, but here’s a few that come highly recommend:

Check out the elegantly choreographed dreampop duo, LiLii Kaona, as they hold their COVID-delayed oneman live commemorating the release of EP-of-the-year contender, KIYOKU.

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Weekend Livestream Spotlight: NECRONOMIDOL, RAY, 2&, O’CHAWNZ and more

It’s almost the weekend! That means it’s time to attempt to plan out your idol livestreaming schedule, a task which requires an immense amount of flexibility these days.  Last weekend was a case in point as several gigs, including two full-blown festivals, waited until the day of to announce streaming options. We update The Calendar with any late additions we hear about, so keep an eye on it throughout the weekend. In the meantime, here’s some stuff we know about right now:

It is no secret that team Homicidols collectively adores RAY. If you’re not sure why, here’s a perfect opportunity to find out.

Another favorite, O’CHAWANZ make a rare appearance via livestream with the infectiously funky FAREWELL, MY L.u.v in support their new releases including a collaboration album that may very well run away with Album of the Year honors. Continue reading

The Wonderful Future of PARADISES and WAgg

If you loved the PARADISES single from the other day you’ll be very pleased to know that they have five more songs out today! Let’s hope you really liked that song, because their new releases are the same song but recorded with each individual member of WAgg. You wouldn’t be far off thinking this is another strange WACK marketing tool, but this is actually the result of the latest audition from Watanabe and his conglomerate of girl gangs.

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