Weekend Livestream Spotlight: RAY, SAKA-SAMA, Banana Monkeys and Many More at the (Free) Online YOIMACHI

I took a break from the Spotlight for the holidays but have returned to make sure you are aware of the (FREE!) Online YOIMACHI festival being broadcast across four YouTube channels this Sunday (JST). The line up is pretty mind blowing:

On Channel よ(Yo) you have performances from RAY, NaNoMoRaL and tentai3349 (fronted by Kai, formerly of the Screaming 60s). 

Channel い (I) features GuGu LULU, the truly underrated Stella Sugarlet and a rare livestream performance by the absolutely bonkers Banana Monkeys.

Channel ま (Ma)  includes SAKA-SAMA, the incomparable Shihatsu-matchi Underground and the unit with the most head scratching name in idol,  Ringwanderung

The final channel (Chi) features bands who I’m sure are fantastic, but I anticipate that I will be having enough trouble trying to navigate conflicts between the other three channels to check any of them out.

If you can’t find one of your favorites in this lineup, there’s plenty more being livestreamed this weekend. Check out The Calendar for all of the details.