Weekend Livestream Spotlight: BiS, NECRONOMIDOL, Satanic Punish and LiLii Kaona

Since even a socially distanced American Thanksgiving without family still involves stuffing oneself with turkey and pie, I’m putting this post together as I fight off a turkey coma. And even though Japan doesn’t do Thanksgiving, they seem to be treating this like a long  holiday weekend with about 20 different livestreams to choose from. Visit The Calendar for the whole roster, but here’s a few that come highly recommend:

Check out the elegantly choreographed dreampop duo, LiLii Kaona, as they hold their COVID-delayed oneman live commemorating the release of EP-of-the-year contender, KIYOKU.  


Later in the evening, Satanic Punish and a long list of units you may not have heard of but definitely need to know are performing over on the iColony channel of OPENREC.tv.   INforMEL, Afterschool 403ERROR and Odoro are definitely worth checking out. And even though I’ve never seen them before, I’m already a fan of the excellently-named oxymor ≠ n. The channel requires a subscription but lets you see past and future shows.


The latest incarnation of BiS is defying expectations. They’re also streaming their KiLL YOur WiNTerxxx -Sorry!! I don’t feel.-  live via overseas-friendly ZAIKO. 

Our new best friend, Tribu, has put together a show with our old friends NECRONOMIDOL.  Yureru Landscape and new acquaintance Cinder-Ella are also on the bill along with BYOB who I will be seeing for the first time.

Enjoy your weekend! I will be spending it doing double cardio sets to burn off the caramel I just had to add to my pecan pie. Totally worth it…