Your WACK Weekend is Here

A bunch of fun things happened at once, so you want the news? Here’s all of the news! We’ve got new BiS, new MAMESHiBA, new ASP and some new GO TO THE BEDS and PARADISES members for ya! It’s a very WACK Friday indeed!

Right away we’re jumping into the new BiS! The new double a-side single TOUCH ME/LOVE got a music video for the first track. If you’ve been a BiS fan for a hot minute you’ll definitely recognise the nod to primal. with the nostalgic home video footage, but now with 100% less shots of the inside of Pour Lui’s throat and members leaving. Touch Me was actually a secret track on the cassette release of Imitation Sensation, but alas, nobody went through the extremely convoluted process of ripping cassette to mp3. So it’s basically brand new!

If that didn’t fill your appetite, they’ll be appearing live online at a music festival tomorrow.

If you’ve been following Japan’s battle against Corona, you will have heard about the state of emergency in Tokyo and Osaka. So Abaraki Rock Fest was cancelled and moved to a livestream, which is kind of a boon for people who aren’t in Japan currently. You might be wondering why large open air festivals are being cancelled while large indoor idol live shows are still going ahead in other prefectures. Of course, we can’t tell you the answer, but we can tell you that everybody on Earth needs that vaccine right now immediately. Godspeed to the Japanese entertainment industry!

Next up we have some new MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN! No matter what you’re expecting this to sound like, it’s guarenteed to surprise you. Put your gym class gear on and get ready to Run, Puppy!

…the song is called HASHiRE MAMESHiBA. Hashire means run. Just enjoy the music, okay?

If you’re confused, those peppy puppydogs also do a lot of variety show style comedy. Miyukiangel has the best day ever at the expense of everyone around her in some slapstick silliness before the other members smack the hell out of her. It’s a fun promo song for their upcoming mini album, “WOW!! SEASON“. It really is the season of saying wow, huh.

Next, they’re anal without the retentive, we have new ANAL SEX PENiS. Who are unfortunately still called that!

SAKEBE was used as the song the girls had to sing to audition for the group, it’s a fun Matsukuma Kenta style rock ditty with a little something extra. They also dropped some new teaser pics and finally took those damn masks off. Don’t expect to see them clearly though.

That’s Yumeka with the twintails. It was also revealed that Mog Ryan is actaully WACKchin‘s most popular contestant, Bisuko! And yes, after almost a year, that audition is still going on. Though personally, we’re all fans of how Namaenai on the right there looks like a mixture of Edward Scissorhands, Johnny Rotten and Jun Togawa.

Keeping up? We have more from the GANG PARADE cinematic universe.

Yesterday, new PARADISES member CA NON was revealed!

If you’re a fan of more traditional style idols, you might recognise her as Amemiya Kanon. So her new stage name is just her name but spelled slightly differently. We love creativity! Her debut in-person live had to be cancelled due to Corona, but they held a no audience livestream for her. The MC was a particular highlight; an entire comedy skit written by Kila May involving panties and then performing PLEASE LISTEN TO MY while dressed like um. This.

Truly stunning. They also announced their first single arrives sometime in the future.

If you missed it and you’re still craving more of G/P, the new GO TO THE BEDS member will debut on Sunday at a similar no audience style livestream.

The new member is WACKchin’s Moshimoshi-chan, so if her new name is as innovative as Ca Non’s then get ready to say hello to a woman called Mrs. Hello.

We’re done here! That’s definitely it! No more surprises. You have an entire weekend of livestreams and a whole playlist of new songs. Well, two new songs but nobody said it was a long playlist.