Weekend Livestream Spotlight: RAY + For Tracy Hyde, MERRY BAD END Birthdays, and Knuckle Chiwa + Hanako-San

It looks like a Friends-of-Homicidols Weekend as we have not one, but two gigs featuring some of our favorite bands sharing the stage with some our favorite chika idols.

 Before we get to that though, MERRY BAD END have invited you to a joint birthday party for Yuina and Chihiro that they have entitled, “-I will do whatever I want-“. Damn straight you will. It’s your birthday! You can snag a livestream ticket here.


Also, ZOMBIE POWDER is performing in a Xmas themed four-man live with Aphrodite, BOY MEETS HARU and the venerable Minisuka Police (est. 1996 and currently in it’s 18th generation).


But the most anticipated livestream of the weekend is coming to us free via YouTube courtesy of Boss Rei’s fancy animal punk band, Knuckle Chiwawa. They will be headlining “Speak and Understand”, featuring  Shihatsu-Machi Underground and our very favorite grindcore yokai, 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-san.

If you need a little something a bit more mellow after that, RAY and the incomparable For Tracy Hyde are headlining a collection of shoegaze artists as part of the Total Feedback livestream series.


Happy last weekend before Christmas. I hope all your shopping’s done…