An Invitation to Kurofune-chan’s Party

Fear of missing out is a big drive for idol fans, so naturally we’re here to beat you around the head with a hammer that says “FOMO” written in large, comical letters. THIS IS A ONE TIME ONLY GROUP: A collective of current and former idols from around the world, meeting for one night only. Every group has a story, but Kurofune-chan as a collective are like an entire storybook! Let’s open the pages right away then, shall we?

Say hello to Kurofune-chan!

You might recognise a few faces if you’re active on social media; Kurofune-chan are a collective of current and former idols, cosplayers, models and just all around cool people. In the center there we have Alice, the head honcho behind this operation. A British gal from St. Lucia, she came to Japan to follow the idol dream and as you can see, oh boy did she. It isn’t every day you get to lead a hype as hell group with your friends! Alice was also kind enough to explain the hows and whys of her flash-in-the-pan supergroup, so we’ll just let her tell you:

I left my old agency on bad terms and they never allowed me to have a graduation concert so that always bothered me in the way that I felt like I never had a chance to make my peace with the industry or say goodbye to everyone. Now I’m moving to the UK and I’ll likely never have another chance, I decided I’d organise a goodbye live for myself.

Our setlist includes a good mix of rock, super cutesy pop and cooler songs. Most of them are choreographed by me so I want everyone to pay attention to the dance and formations!

We’re idol fans, so we’re no stranger to sudden departures and as anybody with any kind of job can tell you, management is full of assholes. It happens. But, an idol being able to organise their own graduation show on their own terms? You have to respect the tenacity and dedication. Alice isn’t an idol for her old agency, she’s an idol for the people!

HBIC – Head Brit In Charge

Next up in the group we have Raaya Nemui!

A princess in pink

Born in Tokyo, raised in England and then back to Tokyo again! Her legs must be tired. Raaya was previously in two alt-idol groups and met Alice through performing at the same joint show and currently, she’s a model for Zou Yilu and cosplayer. So if your feed is in need of some real style, be sure to follow!

Next up we have Riria!

Your cosplay dream is here

Hailing from Mexico, Riria and Alice have been performing together for around 2 years now, so expect some real chemistry on stage. She’s currently a cosplayer, so if you’re a massive anime geek then let Riria be your one night oshi.

Now it’s time to meet your California girl, Heidi!

Her royal Hei-ness

Heidi met Alice through Instagram and because of Heidi’s killer vocals, Alice always wanted to perform with her. Seriously, her singing skill is no joke: she’s currently an idol in the group A-H-O Project in addition to being a model and voice actress. She carries herself like a true queen and definitely has the voice of one too, so better get to bowing down.

Last but not least, say hello to Yuriko from Italy!

She can behave, promise!

Yuriko also met Alice through Instagram and she’s always liked idols, but her agency aren’t so big on that as a full-time gig. So Kurofune-chan are here to help fulfil that dream! Active as a cosplayer and YouTuber, Yuriko has a huuuuge following and you’ll be able to see why right away: she nails the look each and every time. Some of her looks are a little skimpy, so be mindful if you’re on public transport right now. Or don’t. Maybe the person next to you will give a thumbs up.

So that’s Kurofune-chan! England, America, Mexico, Italy and Japan: the width of the entire northen hemisphere is basically covered through and through by each of the members. Everyone really feels like the protagonist of their own anime, they all have that certain sparkle about them.

December 14th is the date to save. Just like Alice said, the setlist is going to be a mixture of everything: rock, pop, anything “idol” with some original choreography. This is her graduation from not only idolhood but from living in Japan too, you don’t want to miss it. It’s the world’s biggest farewell party and it’s only $9USD too! Hell, buy two tickets, the girls deserve it after working so hard.