Hey! This GARUDA Event Sounds Fun and You Should Do It

Now I just hope it hasn’t sold out or anything yet

You guys, like all of you, are fans of idols, yes? And odds are good that you are at least aware, if not a big personal fan, of one GARUDA, aka Yuffie Sakimura, though it is quite likely that if you are aware of projects that Yuffie is associated with, including GARUDA, then you are a fan of that thing because Yuffie’s projects are good projects. Well then, in case you have not yet seen what awaits on Saturday, let’s break it down:

  1. Our friends in Chaotic Harmony are having GARUDA on for a virtual in-store event, via the Timora Talks show
  2. You can follow along on Twitch, gratis, as you would normally, OR
  3. You can buy a VIP ticket, participate via Discord, and spend 30 minutes playing an interactive game with Yuffie, and then participate in Q&A that the Twitch dorks will only get to watch because they didn’t do the smart thing like you and buy a VIP ticket
  4. You will then consider that the smartest $10 you spent on a Saturday since the time you paid the cover for yourself and that cute friend of yours to go to the 18+ dance party where you both wound up meeting longtime significant others (Christina, RIP) while dancing to a perfectly fine rendition of Static-X’s “Push It” by a local band whose name you don’t remember anymore but, fun fact, the drummer from that band went on to found a blackened crust project that never even put out a demo but did have a guy in it who got into a fight online with the dude from NECKBEARD DEATHCAMP and then got roasted in Reddit memes for years afterward, so that’s neat*

Of course, the source is the better go-to for info:

She used the wizard emoji, you guys. That means good things.

*Probably didn’t actually happen