The Wonderful Future of PARADISES and WAgg

If you loved the PARADISES single from the other day you’ll be very pleased to know that they have five more songs out today! Let’s hope you really liked that song, because their new releases are the same song but recorded with each individual member of WAgg. You wouldn’t be far off thinking this is another strange WACK marketing tool, but this is actually the result of the latest audition from Watanabe and his conglomerate of girl gangs.

So what’s the story? To promote PARADISES, a member of WAgg will be selected from the current audition to join the group. But also if any of the WAgglings don’t get promoted within two years (as of the introduction of the rule), they’ll be forced to graduate the group regardless. So the stakes are kinda high!

If you haven’t been keeping up with WAgg and you’re thinking “is this all of them?”, Nayu is currently on hiatus due to a leg injury and You Dot Com withdrew semi recently. She won during the livestreamed WACK AUDiTiON CAMP, got her hair done for the photoshoot then left. Hey, free haircut.

To minimize all of your clicking, here’s each version of PLEASE LISTEN TO MY in one handy playlist. Because we’re very serious journalists here, it has a very serious name. Please note the WAgg versions of the song are only available after midnight in your timezone.

Each WAggling truly brings something unique to the song, so feel free to listen to all of them or just jump right to your oshi’s song. But if you don’t know who to pick, our staff picks are Love and Utauuta. Think of this break in journalism remaining bias free like a gentle push in the right direction.

But how exactly does this new audition work? Let’s investigate.

One main factor is a points system – if a member does good in a certain category, the member will get a star. But remember, just like every audition, just because somebody makes it to the end based on votes, doesn’t mean they’ll get promoted. If the staff or Watanabe decided you just don’t have the it-factor, you can’t get in! Maybe everyone will be promoted, maybe nobody will, who can say! It’s all so exciting~

The categories are “WACK”, “Performance”, “Loveable-ness” and “Star Quality”. Here’s the first sheet to give you an idea:

Based off of Watanabe’s impressions at the recent WAgg live performance, Sayaito and Utauuta got a star for having that special quality that only WACK idols have.
The three Performance stars were given by Matsukuma Kenta, Sotobayashi Kenta and the WAgg music video director: Matsukuma gave his star to Utauuta because of her singing ability (which he compared to Aina the End no less), Sotobayashi chose Nayu for WAgg’s comic book style promo pic photoshoot and the MV director chose A Anzupia for the “WAgg no Subarashiki Sekai” music video.
The Loveable-ness star was given to Sayaito by the staff members due to her sparkling quality, especially during their live show, and her “unique aura”. Truly an adorable child!
Finally, the Star Quality star was determined by a Nicovid audience poll, so the people decided they love Ainastar and Sayaito.

Notice how Love didn’t get any stars? Don’t fret just yet. There was a round of Instagram live interviews just like with WACKchin (which yes, is still going on) and Love absolutely smashed it! Her answers were so energetic and a lot of new people got a taste of the wonderful weirdness that we love in Love. Everyone else was… a little dull! But let’s not be too hard, they are children after all. If you missed the interviews and want to watch, they’re up on PARADISES Instagram page.

Throughout the week, PARADISES have been streaming their practise sessions with each individual WAgg member. But practicing for what? Well, today at 4:30pm JST the “Wonderful Future of PARADISES and WAgg -SHOWCASE-” will be broadcast live on Nicovid! Each member of WAgg will perform with PARADISES to showcase off their individual talents and skills and so the idol loving public, that’s you, can judge who you think would be the best fit for the new group! More stars from Watanabe and staff members will be handed out and you too can influence this by voting.

The fate of the idol world is in your hands. You can join in the fun on Nicovid right here at this hyperlink.

As of this article being published, there’s only four hours left until the showcase! So put some coffee on, put your feet up, buy a Nico premium subscription. You’re in for a real treat from two up and coming groups and their amazing performers.

Oh, and a BIG thank you to Renai from the G/P fansite GO TO THE PARADISE for translating a lot of our information for this article! For translations of GANG PARADE, GO TO THE BEDS and PARADISES songs and info, they’re #1!

So what are you waiting for? The fun is only beginning!