Weekend Livestream Spotlight: NECRONOMIDOL, RAY, 2&, O’CHAWNZ and more

It’s almost the weekend! That means it’s time to attempt to plan out your idol livestreaming schedule, a task which requires an immense amount of flexibility these days.  Last weekend was a case in point as several gigs, including two full-blown festivals, waited until the day of to announce streaming options. We update The Calendar with any late additions we hear about, so keep an eye on it throughout the weekend. In the meantime, here’s some stuff we know about right now:

It is no secret that team Homicidols collectively adores RAY. If you’re not sure why, here’s a perfect opportunity to find out.


Another favorite, O’CHAWANZ make a rare appearance via livestream with the infectiously funky FAREWELL, MY L.u.v in support their new releases including a collaboration album that may very well run away with Album of the Year honors.

NECRONOMIDOL will be streaming their set from the BLAST ‘ EM ALL!! gig. As always, they have ticket + cheki bundles available on their Bandcamp page.

ZOMBIE POWDER seems to have become a regular fixture at Diffusion Φ Brightness along with Dan te Lion, Chu Kiss RIP and  KANARIA making this almost weekly livestream even more exceptional. I really can’t recommend it enough.

2& rounds out the weekend with friends LILY & YU, Last Question and many more at the anniversary festival of Kiyomi Kobayashi (artist, producer, teacher and composer for Chiaki Mayumura and others).

So that’s what we know about so far. No matter what else is coming, it looks like it’s shaping up to be a pretty good weekend already.