Let’s Welcome PINKYCASE to the Party

And speaking of things that people are all HEY YOU JERK YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING WITH THIS about, I submit to you not a new maturation of idol rock, but a new realization of kawaiicore that’s presently* giving vigorous side-eye to all who’ve come before:

That’s PINKYCASE (Twitter), and it suddenly feels like much of the loudol world is turning to peppy pop punk numbers of which I wholly approve**. Here’s a ((very)) (new) live digest:

I was quite confused as to why Twitter seemed to think that the group had been around since 2014(!), considering that at least one of the members would have been a fetus at the time and because, between the lot of us, not many things that are good things would have escaped notice given that length of time to be noticed. But!

So there you go. I won’t pretend to have known PINKYPOKER, either, but that, friends, is why we do this stuff.

They’re way beyond the bounds of chika, too, it must be said, as they’re “already” rubbing shoulders with the likes of Cheeky Parade and Yumemiru Adolescence at a ZEPP show:

The hard side of idol grows and grows.

*In my head canon, shut up
**Still, man alive do I hate that term

One thought on “Let’s Welcome PINKYCASE to the Party

  1. They have in fact existed since 2014, I saw them in the summer of 2015 at the Platinum Production festival something (together with wattstax).

    The short one (Riju) has been in the group the longest, the three other girls joined a year ago those three girls are all also active in Shibu3 Project which is like a talent group Platinum has.

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