Your Homicidols Weekender #88

Christ. I’m sorry, that was a hell of a ride over the week, and I’m all tired out. Have you ever done the plate-spinning thing and been surprisingly okay at it despite having never done it before, only to realize that you think you’re doing well with it because you don’t have a frame of reference, and in reality you’re barely keeping it together, and then things start to go south and SMASH? That’s what this week felt like. And I’m not even getting to Queen of the Scene (thanks for playing!); I’m just talking about Day Job and stuff. Let this be a lesson to everybody: Never try to better yourself.

And with that out of the way, let’s get into the idol stuff! Go Go Going Now! hit me up about an item a few days ago, which got me thinking about just how close to TIF we are, and how this nice kick-start in new idol stuff over the past couple of weeks is intensifying, and how maybe we need to consider TIF the rough equivalent of Labor Day, like the unofficial end of summer or something. All I know is that I’m not blowing through my notifications like I was a month ago, and I’m eagerly looking at every new thing’s merits that I might overindulge like a proper professional.

It is still summertime, though, so focus your energy on doing cool things with cool people; if idol you must, handy-dandy items like yon Weekender can distill it down into something digestible for your jet ski adventures. Of course, though, play the Fun, and stay tuned for some great stuff later this morning.

You Never Said Who Won the Thing!

Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen looking amazing:

To my pleasant surprise, Sakohata Aya is not only still going strong, she’s doing one of those all-Japan tours, too:

The other Aya, Eight Prince, successfully completed her stupid marathon that now I can go back to pretending didn’t happen:

This predia song, though:

Wow, cool, BURST GIRL is doing a one-man at the iconic heavysick ZERO:

I have to admit that I actually really like this live “band” song from AIBECK:

I’m sorry, is BREADSHOP now like the best thing or something?

Hey, if you’re able, you might enjoy this joint Desu.Rabbits / DEADLIFT LOLITA gig:

Our pals in uijin are getting a sister unit!

To stick with recent tradition, here’s Ladybaby’s tour digest:

Screaming Sixties performed in the best-named venue ever:

I don’t know what this is, and I barely care:

Please get me this Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da DVD for Christmas:

Tenten, again:

While the TIF Primer is in production, sate yourselves with the knowledge that WACK is going this thing:

I have this draft post for a bunch of live wyenra stuff just sitting in my queue, but keep putting things into the Weekender instead. Weird:

Here’s Toricago doing their live thing:

Hey, SPARK SPEAKER, good job!

Idol in Focus

I’ve been meaning to start this little sub-feature for a while; think of it as a weekly look at idol something or other that’s still Weekendery, but, like, a lot of it

Our first Idol in Focus is DOTS, about whom I’ll freely admit that I strongly prefer their shoegaze material:

They are nonetheless on the verge of releasing a split single with tipToe, so that’s nice:

Rin from Wagamama Rakia has a really nice song of her own:

Have we mentioned the fact that xoxo EXTREME has a best-of album?

I sincerely wanted to make a real post for this lyric video from THE BANANA MONKEYS, but time just flitted away and come on, it’s not half as exciting as most everything else they do:

This is the most terrifying thing that Yukueshirezutsurezure has ever done:

My girls in 969 were down some members the other night; fortunately, Yuna from A.N.otheЯ stood up in support:

Mochiko from Payrin’s starred in this MV (for wow, a great-ass tune):

Sari, you are missed:

Sure thing, Beni:

Have a great weekend!