This Panda Mic Song Is a Great Example of Why We Do This

Believe it or not, this site has a content strategy.* The original was written three years ago, give or take, and while yes it’s evolved over time, the general framework is still in place. The wild thing about strategies is that, like, they don’t work if you don’t follow them. They’re wonderful guiding documents when you need them, but remarkable pains in the butt when you’re short of time and/or capacity and everything starts to happen. Like when I commented the other day that, with TIF just a couple of weeks away, things would pick up? It’s happening!

So this is what digging out of a hole feels like. The double-edged sword is that the Panda Mic song that I’m about to show you is very fun and solid and like what might happen if you let Maison Book Girl write a punky little ditty for junior idols, so of course I’m going to want to show you that even if it weren’t necessarily tired to the content strategy, and it also is that:

Go ahead and admit it: That’s the best intro ever

True to idol form, it’s a song that laughs at genre. Is it a rock song? Sure. Punk? At times! Even ska-like in a way? If that’s how you read playing upbeats, sure! Sort of rollicking college radio stuff? That’s the hook! And on and on. About the only thing that it’s not rolling with is some kind of denpa beat, and I still got reminded of that one crazy-ass Band ja Naimon! tune from a while back.

It’s why we get into this stuff, you know? Different, unique, interpretative of other forms … and done so that a cluster of teenagers can sing and dance to it so that other people will give them money for towels and personalized photos. Neat!

I can’t believe that it’s only their second single. The girls haven’t exactly been around forever, but I’d have thought that they were at least one or two full releases deep by now. Well, it comes out in September, and then you can buy it.

*I know!