Devil ANTHEM Is Cool As Heck

Dang you guys, I almost completely fanned on … like the 30th thing just this year that I would’ve missed. At least this time I pull victory from the jaws of defeat! As you may have discerned from the title of the post, this is about Devil ANTHEM, whose body of work is usually pretty enjoyable even at its least homi, but who can still really let it rip when the mood strikes. Do like I do and keep them at least on your medium list — if your short list is the stuff indispensable to your existence — so that any little reminder that they exist and do idol things is a prompt to go see what the latest of those things might be.

Like this video!

From their second full album but like umpteenth release over … yikes, they’ve been together a long time! Ah, memories …

This is the kind of idol story that’s so cool to keep up with, though. I remember when I first started to get involved and being told by people that the big interest in idol for many was literally watching the performers grow up, improve, develop as people, etc. At the time, I thought that was pretty dumb!* Now, though, after having had the chance to see groups like Devil ANTHEM go through that progression and frankly have no clear end in sight, I have to agree — it’s very cool. This is what they were like not even three full years ago.

*In a vacuum, it’s not dumb at all! I have however learned that it’s also used a screen by people who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near an idol show