Loudly Catching up with Party Rockets GT

I’m bad at following things that I like sometimes. This is admitted freely. There’s a lot of stuff! And in idol, a lot of what helps to separate things or make them stand out is whether I get a notification from YouTube as opposed to just about anything else, because YouTube means video, and I always brake for video.

Anyway, in this case, said notification spun me back around on Party Rockets GT from a month ago, when they capped their year-ending one-man with a nice set of announcements:

The really important stuff for us: A new single in June, and three consecutive months of new song releases beginning in January. Which, hey, here we are!

Oh my yes. It wasn’t so long ago that PRGT seemed like they were abandoning their harder edges in favor of more crowd-pleasing pop rock sounds (at best), and for once I’m glad that an idol experiment failed. These last couple of releases — see — in which the group has gotten no closer to their old core sound but has re-embraced things that are loud and sometimes downright heavy, have been right on point. I’m excited to see what the next couple are going to yield.

One thought on “Loudly Catching up with Party Rockets GT

  1. Their producer stopped after the “Non stop rock” single, their songs since then are more in the “modern” idol-rock style.

    (I think the previous producer had been with them from the start).

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