This New PIIIIIIIN Song Is a Very PIIIIIIIN Song

Ah, PIIIIIIIN … I can’t think of more than a small handful of groups within the broader universe of loudol that do their particular thing quite so well and — if you’ve followed them for a while, you know what I’m talking about — in such an identifiable style. This even after the reboot brought their irrepressibly upbeat rock sound back to our lives; there could have easily been an update to the sound, too, but why would you do that when core elements of the group’s brand are “happiness” and “sunshine” and “toe-tapping”? No, PIIIIIIIN wasn’t going to stray too far from that, and frankly may they continue down this bright path until the very heat death of the universe.

So yeah the point of this piece is to say, hey, PIIIIIIN is back to seven members again*/**, and along with that they revealed a new song — here’s the live clip!

Oh man, you can’t hear much! But what if we actually had the whole thing? Would you like that? Would it prove the point?

By “very PIIIIIIIN,” of course, I mean the totality of how it sounds; you could argue that PIIIIIIN was and is and always will be at their greatest extent of PIIIIIIIN doing anthems and the like and not be wrong, and this being a ballad deviates from that, but is it that much a deviation, and is it so consequential in the grand scheme of PIIIIIIIN? It is not. It is a nice song, and it is very much their song. It sounds like a distillation of a very fun day with a good friend while you do wholesome activities together.

*I hadn’t even noticed that they’d lost anybody from Gen 2, so that was a fun accidental find
**But really though, how could they have any number of members other than seven, given the whole reason they’re named the way they are?