The Latest from PIIIIIIIN Is a Lot of Being PIIIIIIIN

Well, okay, maybe it’s not quite as over-the-top as all that, but I was brought into all of the update-y stuff for this post by a Soundcloud notification, and the first thing I saw from it was the song title and my mind did all of the requisite stuff from there, actual facts on the ground that were to be subsequently discovered be damned.

PIIIIIIIN, who technically can only exist when they have seven members, have yet another new regime of seven members, and to commemorate the latest changeover dropped this new number that, correct, did scare me on their behalf, but just turns out to be a nice homage rather than what the past 16 months in idol have us so conditioned for:

Lyrics? And extra details? Lyrics and extra details!

“NEW SEPTET” is, yes, the very appropriate name for their gig to celebrate and commemorate the new regime. It’s also perfectly named and the fact that manager-san correctly used “septet” makes my heart warm.

PIIIIIIIN is, in case you were wondering, the absolute bee’s knees, one of the groups that holds me ever so tenuously to the idol scene that I first fell in love with. I’m delighted that they continue to grow and develop since their return. May they have an excellent 2020!