Why Yes, PINKYCASE, I Will Accept Your Feel-good Song

It’s a little hard to believe, but it still hasn’t been two full weeks since Yuigeddon, and still only a handful of days since probably the roughest idol moment in many Western wotas’ lives. People aren’t happy!

I’m all for recovery, though, and idol is one of those things, hair of the dog-style, that’s so crafted as to be exactly what you need when It turns south. Oshi’s graduating? You’re gonna need some more idol, friend, and pronto. Enter PINKYCASE, who released this MV yesterday practically with their hands out in invitation, urging those of us who are hurting to step into another world for a moment, a place where songs can be fun and upbeat and interesting, and nothing bad ever happens. It’s a good time!

It’s funny because they’re supposed to be emo! Well, if the emotion that you want me to feel is optimism, PINKYCASE, you hit the nail on the head. And I am relieved on this dark burden inside for at least a few more minutes.