A Friday Fun Where We Expect The Worst

I learned a lot last week, thank you.


Oh, no.

So our annual festival of Salt and Masochism, also known as the WACK audition camp, is back again this coming week. The trainwreck that I always pre-emptively add to the “biggest letdown” column when making a new Best-Of spreadsheet each year, because it never fails to leave at least half of the fandom weeping into their oshi mufflers.  The party where we all go “it can’t possibly get any worse this year, right?” only to proven tragically wrong about at least three days in. The event that you can’t help but watch through tears and shitposting.

Still, I love bringing back the WACK Audition Prediction funs every year. It gets us ready for the inevitable despair, while also generating a tiny bit of excitement for the hysteria that’s to come; almost like those doomsday cults who party the night before the date of their predicted armageddon.

The law states that this video must always be brought up when mentioning idols and cults in the same paragraph

So, what are you expecting for the audition? How are they going to make it even more tragic this year? Is Trivago coming back for more or did she finally see sense (or ran away to Pour Lui’s almost-as-cursed project)? Is the coronavirus going to affect it (even more than it already has)? Use the hashtag #WACKAuditionPredictions!

And, if you’re stuck for ideas, or just want something more in-depth, why not try doing what I did, and use AI Dungeon scenario to generate a potential audition scenario? I’d love to read your AI-generated audition tales!