We Got a Little Desperate This Friday

Last week’s fun was the most active it’s been in a while! Thanks everyone! 

This week we’re going meta; a Friday Fun about the Friday Fun itself.  Over the years plenty of good suggestions for the Fun have come in from our readers (and please keep suggesting them) but this week we want all your bad suggestions.  The pointless, the impractical, the inadvisable.

Perhaps we could all propose elements for a #PeriodicTableOfIdol?  Suggest tracks for the #BestOfIdolSurfRock?  How about #OshisDrawnInBlood?  MicrowavedMerchPics?  Your worst, and therefore best, suggestions will be featured next week and your best, and therefore worst, may get picked up for a future Fun when we’re desperate.  Tweet whatever rubbish comes into your head under #BadFridayFunIdeas and may the worst one win.