We Moustache To Do Something Very Silly This Weekend…

Oh goodness peeps, our whole world has gone mad and we’ve lost minds right along with it. Last Friday you may recall that we did our regular “Friday Fun” stress-relief seeing by asking you, the always wise and level-headed public to give us some really bad Friday Fun ideas..

…the thing is, some bad Friday Fun ideas are bad enough to be kind of well, fun!

And for some odd, compelling reason, I amused myself thinking about this one from AyuniDVa…

Yeah it’s goofy as heck, but you know what? Everybody loves to draw mustaches on people’s pictures! And if you try it, you realize that as silly as it is, it makes you laugh… (Oh man, maybe I’m alone in this…) 


So hey look, this weekend, draw/paste/stamp some facial hair on an idol. Heck, give em’ the Groucho Marx nose and glasses too while you’re at it! Put a little hat on there! Do something silly. And don’t worry, as long as you’re being lighthearted, I think you’ll find idols have a sense of silly humor as well. Post your goofiest results and tag em’ #IdolsWithMoustaches

By the way, you may have noticed that it’s not Friday today, because the weirdness of the world interfered with our usual traditions. But that’s okay, we’ll just call this “weekend fun” this time. Anyway, have a great weekend!